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Company's main focus NATEN, is the development and
manufacture of new heating and air conditioning, and other
related products.

The principle of operation of the company - it is a single
price policy and a common policy of relations with partners.
Concern focused on the activities of the maximum customer
Mission - to make people's lives more perfect, creating and
implementing it in the most modern and advanced
technologies and services, freeing their time for more
important and relevant matters.
Our motto is - this is our customer. We are doing everything
we can to ensure that it has received more than expected,
coming to us. We are always ready to listen to him and offer
him the best option for solving the problems that lie in our

The objectives of the company

Services aimed at:

    professional help, ie, providing clients with expert
assistance of specialists
    legality of transactions, which means a guarantee of the
legitimate and safe operation in any business
    savings in time, ie, saving time and energy clients.

The objectives of the trade:

    to create an extensive retail network with common
standards of service and sales support, make available the
purchase of goods from companies across the globe.

The goals for integrated projects:

    an effective system of services to corporate clients,
focuses on promoting ready-made solutions
    become a leader in quality ready-made solutions for end-
users of global companies.

Freedom of expression business partners, we respect the
professional knowledge and skills, morals, traditions and
views on business ethics that exist for our clients.
We recognize the right of free expression of each business
partner and the client free choice of ways of fulfilling the
agreements between the parties.

Goodwill We value our reputation and make every effort to
confirm his good name and deeds are configured for long-
term and fruitful cooperation

Management of the company ensures the orientation of the
whole company to maximize customer satisfaction.

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Country: Byelorussia
City: Minsk
Address: 223051, Republic of Belarus, Minsk., Minsk district, Kolodischansky s/s, 4-th km of the road "Kolodishchi - Sukhorukie", Manufacturing - office building with a bank transfer. Number 600/S-76807, com. 20
Phone: +375 (29) 6368085
Fax: + ()
E-mail: naten2010@tut.by
URL address: http://www.naten.by
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